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The etiology and pathogenesis have not been precisely elucidated. They can occur due to the development of capillary hemangioma or after a systematic or single injury. Cavernolia hemangioma in the nose, which arose after a single injury. Rash elements. Tumor-like formation of a soft, spongy consistency. Sometimes cavernous hemangioma is combined with varicose veins, arteriovenous fistulas and flaming nevus. The surface of the neoplasm is smooth, but may be lobulated with hyperkeratosis or verrucous. Colour . With a deep location of the hemangioma, the color of normal skin is noted, with the exophytic nature of the formation, it is red with a bluish tinge. Cavernous hemangioma in the forehead. It is localized more often in the area of generic viagra.

Large cavities lined with flattened endothelial cells and filled with blood are determined.

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Tumor formation can involve veins, capillaries and lymphatic vessels.

There are two types of hemangioma: with arterial and venous differentiation of the vascular walls. The first tumor is less common, occurs mainly in adults. Due to the thick walls of the vessels that form it, it has a livid blue color. At the same time, a large number of newly formed vessels of the arterial type are found in the entire thickness of the dermis. All elements of the vascular wall take part in the process of tumor growth. Particularly pronounced and uneven is hyperplasia of the muscular elements of the vessels, which, however, retain their lumen.

Differentiate according to clinical signs with angioleiomyoma, hemangiopericytoma.

Hemangioma with venous differentiation is characterized by the presence in the dermis and subcutaneous tissue of large, irregularly shaped cavities lined with a single layer of flattened endotheliocytes separated from each other by fibrous bands. Sometimes, as a result of the proliferation of adventitial cells, these strands thicken sharply.

Hemangiopericytoma, in contrast to cavernous hemangioma, develops more often in persons of mature age and is characterized by the presence of dense, deep-seated nodes capable of invasive growth.

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Diagnosis is based on clinical and histological features. Current and forecast. It may spontaneously regress to puberty, but a progressive course of the disease with destruction of adjacent tissues is possible. Relative indications for surgical treatment of the tumor are slow resolution after 7 years, recurrent ulceration, and secondary infection. It is a limited tumor of normal color (with a deep location)skin or red color with a bluish, purple tint, sometimes significantly rising above the skin.

The surface is smooth, but may be lobulated with hyperkeratosis or verrucous.

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  • Spontaneous regression of the tumor before puberty is possible, but the course can also be progressive with the destruction of adjacent tissues.
  • Sometimes at the same time there is angiomatosis of the internal organs in combination with thrombocytopenia and purpura (Kazabakh-Merritt syndrome).
  • Cavernous hemangioma, consisting of dilated vessels of the venous type.
  • In the dermis and subcutaneous fat layer, there are large, irregularly shaped cavities filled with blood, lined with a single layer of flattened endothelial cells and separated by fibrous cords.
  • Sometimes, as a result of the proliferation of adventitial cells, these strands become very thick.

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There can be several types: erysipelatoid cancer, telangiectatic and armored sclerodermiform (skirr). A special variant is the so-called lymphangiosarcoma. Erysipelatoid cancer is characterized by the appearance of erythema and edema on the skin of the affected mammary gland and around it, which resembles erysipelas. Histologically, in the subepidermal parts of the skin, there is an intense invasion of viagra sildenafil vessels by tumor cells, which are similar in structure to those of the original ...